Why Support Us?

Imagine a workplace where neurodiverse and neurotypical individuals work side by side, equally valued for their abilities.

Your support will enable the greatest number of neurodiverse individuals to become workforce ready and employed in professional jobs.

Together, we can make it happen!

Certificate of Completion

Philanthropic Impact: The Results Speak For Themselves

Unemployment Rate


75-80% of neurodiverse adults are under or unemployed

Completion Rate


90-100% of candidates complete our Assessment & Training Program

Employment Rate


85% of our successful candidates receive a job offer from our business partner, TPI

Retention Rate


94% job retention rate after one year of employment

Philanthropic Impact: Beyond The Numbers

The impact of your support goes beyond the numbers. Once our candidates complete our program, and are successfully employed, they often attain:

  • Personal independence
  • Financial independence
  • Increased confidence
  • Less reliance on public assistance
  • Recognition and utilization of skills and abilities
  • Increased sense of purpose
  • Opportunity for increased community and socialization
  • And many more unrealized aspirations!
For families, your support helps answer the fundamental question:

“What will happen to my neurodiverse family member if I’m no longer able to support them?”

Ways To Donate

Click here to make an online donation through our PayPal account.

Make check payable to The Precision Institute and mail to:

The Precision Institute
Attn: Director of Development
Two Righter Parkway
Suite 215
Wilmington, DE  19803

Many companies offer matching gift programs to encourage employees to contribute to charitable organizations. Please check your organization’s corporate matching policy to determine if your company will match gifts to The Precision Institute.

We gratefully accept donations of stock to The Precision Institute. To make a stock donation, please email info@theprecision.institute for instructions. A Precision Institute staff member will promptly follow up to facilitate this generous gift.

Making A Difference: Join Us!

The Precision Institute’s continued success relies on philanthropic support.
Learn how you or your organization can support our mission to enable the greatest number of neurodiverse individuals to become
workforce ready and employed in professional jobs!

Meet Our Supporters
Founders Circle

Thank you to Andy Atkins who originated our Founders Circle and the members who have demonstrated early & significant support for our program!

Andy Atkins

Founders Circle

Thank you to the corporations, foundations and governmental agencies who continue to support us!

For more information about ways you can donate,
contact Janet Atwater, Executive Director  janet.atwater@theprecision.institute

Changing Lives – Success Stories

“This experience has been one of the most rewarding of my working life. I have had my share of jobs where the culture was not as conducive to my learning style as I would prefer; besides that, I have had a number of experiences with following up after applying for a position, only to not hear back from the company. I am greatly [enjoying] working for TPI, since it seems like it can be a kind of second home. Everyone is very friendly and supportive and, in my experience, that is something increasingly rare!”

– Peter H.

Peter H. image


All donations to The Precision Institute, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, are tax-deductible.