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The Precision Institute’s Assessment & Training Program is offered in locations throughout the U.S. Participants are referred to us through our approved employment partner, The Precisionists, Inc. (TPI). If you are interested in learning more about TPI’s job opportunities, and would like to become a candidate for this program, please click the “START HERE” button above to complete a Statement of Interest form.

The Precision Institute’s curriculum is designed to assess each individual’s skills, abilities, motivation and accommodation needs to match the candidate with job opportunities in technology and business services offered by our employment partner, TPI.

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Unemployment Rate

Why The High Percentage Of Under/Unemployment For Neurodiverse Individuals?
  • Current employment hiring practices put neurodiverse individuals at a disadvantage
  • Traditional interviews are difficult to navigate
  • Misperception by employers that neurodiverse individual’s accommodation needs are overly burdensome or unavailable
  • Skills and abilities of neurodiverse workers are underestimated or underutilized
Assessment & Training Program Overview

The Precision Institute’s Assessment & Training Program serves as a multi-week “job interview”. We look beyond any diagnosis and/or developmental disability to identify the motivation, and unique abilities and attributes of each candidate, including:

– Attention to detail
– Level of concentration
– Accuracy
– Organization skills
– Communication skills
– Perseverance
– Aptitude for repetitive tasks
– Preference for structure
– Pattern recognition
– Ability to spot deviances in data
– Innovative thinking
– Problem-solving abilities

Student assessment and training

Key Elements Of Our Assessment & Training Program

No participation fee for candidates

High quality, technology-focused curriculum

Low Candidate/Instructor Ratio

Assessment & Training Programs held across the U.S.

student with writing skills
Requirements For Participation

Workplace readiness is at the forefront of every aspect of The Precision Institute’s Assessment & Training Program. Candidates are pre-screened in a preliminary evaluation, and then individually selected based on entrance requirements including the following:

  • Adults with a minimum of a high school diploma, GED or equivalent
  • Motivation to learn and work full-time
  • Basic computer literacy
  • Ability to accept direction, guidance and support
  • Capacity to listen and respond to others
  • Ability to discern and demonstrate appropriate business behavior
  • Capacity to develop entry-level competencies within the program’s timeframe
  • Ability to make independent workplace travel arrangements
  • Commitment to the program requirements
Earning certificate of completion
After Completing – What Participants Can Expect

The Precision Institute works in close partnership with TPI (The Precisionists, Inc.), an IT and Business Services firm. TPI provides a diverse and supportive work environment for its associates as they begin or grow their careers. Upon successful completion of the Assessment & Training Program, candidates receive an individualized Business Profile detailing their observed skills and abilities. They are then eligible for, and may be offered, direct employment with TPI, at comparable market wages, with benefits and opportunities for career growth in jobs such as:

Documentation & Digitization circle
Data Management
Quality Control
Testing and QA


Changing Lives – Success Stories

“After I got my degrees I couldn’t land a job, and in four years of job searching only had one interview… I was part of the first group that went through the 4-week Assessment & Training Program and was immediately hired by TPI as a Data Analyst. Thanks to the assessment program and TPI, I am now living on my own and working in an IT software testing position.”

– Matt N.

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