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About Us

The Precision Institute is a national non-profit organization that assesses and trains individuals impacted by autism and other developmental disabilities and prepares them to enter the workforce in technology and business services positions throughout the U.S.
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The Need – Why We’re Here

The Precision Institute looks beyond the disability to identify the special abilities of each individual to overcome barriers and to empower a path to employment.

The Future As We See It…

Imagine a workplace where neurodiverse and neurotypical individuals work side by side, equally valued for their abilities.
Together, we can make it happen!

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Key Elements Of Our Assessment & Training Program

No participation fee icon

No participation fee for candidates

Technology-focused curriculum icon

High quality, technology-focused curriculum

5:1 Candidate Teacher ratio icon

Low Candidate/Instructor Ratio

Programs held across the USA icon

Assessment & Training Programs held across the U.S.

The Results Speak For Themselves

Unemployment Rate


75-80% of neurodiverse adults are under or unemployed

Completion Rate


90-100% of candidates complete our Assessment & Training Program

Employment Rate


85% of our successful candidates receive a job offer from our business partner, TPI

Retention Rate


94% job retention rate after one year of employment

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