Emily B. image
Emily B.

“Attending the Assessment and Training Program and working for TPI has expanded my world view in a variety of ways. It has given me the courage to start living independently. I have also gained self-confidence and am now accomplishing things I previously thought weren’t possible, like buying my first car. While I would eventually like to be able to make a living as a full-time artist, TPI has shown me that a professional and rewarding career in IT is also possible.”

– Emily B.

Devon M photo
Devon M.

“When I was seeking employment, I worried about the kind of job I could do as a neurodiverse individual that wouldn’t require extreme accommodations. I not only wanted to be treated like any other worker, but I was also very conscious that companies might be more inclined to hire someone who didn’t require any accommodations. Participating in The Precision Institute’s Assessment & Training program eased those concerns and allowed me to demonstrate my skills and abilities in a supportive environment. After completing the program, I was offered a full-time job as a data analyst; and, although my managers acknowledge that I’m neurodiverse, they still hold me to task, and are accommodating but not overly lax.”

– Devon M.

Amy L. image
Amy L.

“The Precision Institute embraces your differences and sees them as assets. They take into consideration the whole you, not just what is on paper or how you appear at face value. They even find talents you didn’t know you had. The Institute has given me autonomy, a sense of purpose and a future.”

– Amy L.

Matt N. image
Matt N.

“After I got my degrees, I couldn’t land a job, and in four years of job searching, only had one interview… I was part of the first group that went through the 4-week assessment program and was immediately hired by TPI as a Data Analyst. Thanks to the Assessment program and TPI, I am now living on my own, and working in an IT software testing position.”

– Matt N.

Peter H. image
Peter H.

“This experience has been one of the most rewarding of my working life. I have had my share of jobs where the culture was not as conducive to my learning style as I would prefer; besides that, I have had a number of experiences with following up after applying for a position, only to not hear back from the company. I am greatly [enjoying] working for TPI, since it seems like it can be a kind of second home. Everyone is very friendly and supportive and, in my experience, that is something increasingly rare!”

– Peter H.